Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gre Unit Tester

It has been a very long time since i posted something out here, I do not know if thats what they call it a "transformation period" ! "Reconnaissance" so to say .. As long as i don't bungle my life, its fine I guess !!

Purpose of this post is to share my tool named as Gre Unit Tester. We use tools just to make our life easier or better, and this tool serves its own purpose. This is for all GRE aspirants. This tool helps you to manage all the words that you come across in your day to day life (may it be from word lists or newspapers or even books) in an organised way.

Here's what the tool does for you :

  • You may add words with their synonyms along with their relevant chapter numbers / WordList numbers.

  • If the words are apart from Wordlists , you can use your custom chapter numbers above 50 for your own convenience. Say if the words are from newspapers use chapter number 100/200 when ever you add your word. Its up to you, to customize it. Make sure from then on all the newspaper related words go to chapter number 100

  • Chapter numbers are important bcoz when u take your unit tests, you can choose specific chapters to test yourself with.

  • I forgot to mention, while adding your synonyms you can separate them using commas. This applies when u want to link more than a single word. (use commas to separate them.

  • You can click view, to view all the words entered so far. By clicking view, you have three options (context menu).
    1. You can check the flash card for a certain word, that you have entered previously.

    2. You can edit its synonym, if you want to

    3. Most importantly you can link related words !

  • I know, this tool is not a big helper but this can surely save you some time while you are revising. you can take unit specific tests, last unit tests and entire unit tests. The words are jumbled up for you thats all

  • All the words that you enter are taken to the wordlist.xml file, which will be present in your application folder. This file has a simple format for storing the words.

  • Initially to enter all the words may seem difficult, but employ a divide and rule technique to make this faster and easier. Get a chapter done by your friend and you complete another one. Tada !! Now you can merge the xml file and have 2 wordlist chapters in your db !! For now im not sharing any xml file, but as and when my friends give me I'll post it here. You can take it and replace the existing xml or merge it for further use.

  • Do post all your comments because i knew that there would be a lot of things to be refined and new features to be added.

    Link to download
    Link to download the XML database of all the words
    You can download this xml file, and paste it inside ur applications folder. (C:\program files\GreUnitTester\Wordlist.xml)
    If you get an error like notepad.ico is missing, neva mind.. You can ignore them, and run your tool as an administrator.
    For now all the words are given together, you can seperate them into chapters if needed. Just add some nodes between the words which u want them to be in a certain chapter
    For your convenience , the words are marked with "N"oun, , "V"erb,"ADJ"ective.
    For now, its a skeletal tool that i give you. This requires .net framework 3.5 to be installed on your system which isn't a big deal. There are some UI issues like main screen size, tabbing etc., kindly bear with me. I'm sure i would update them in the next version ;) I am also working on a bulk word import methodology so that we need not enter each word by typing.

    Next version enables you to add words - BY SENDING AN SMS !!
    1.Wordlists will be maintained in the cloud, so that from any where you can change the data.
    2. You add words using a simple sms to a certain number.
    3. You will be allowed to access the global wordlist and the user specified wordlist both together.