Monday, February 27, 2012

Definitely not Technical !

When we are supposed to hit a milestone there are a plenty of “do’s” and “don’ts” to be specific.This was the first thing that I learnt after being here for a couple of releases.  And, yea that was a bumpy ride !! All of the software engineering theories  that we studied in the past vanished into thin air. You cannot blame anyone, for that’s how it goes. Theories are always theories and it can only give you a rough image of things look like in a blurry fashion, but definitely the practical experience is far different from what you have learnt.

Been through a lot of things these days and one of them stands out exceptionally.And that was a mail / note that I sent on a *Saturday* evening, 2 days before a certain milestone requesting for a day OFF, since I had a soar throat. The intensity of the work and the pending work items on my plate were posing serious threats to my ETA (estimated time of arrival they say). One more thing to keep in your mind is : 2 weeks back my integrity was questioned to the core (trust me – to the core).

With all this running through my mind, I was typing that mail on Saturday with an one sided head ache . Quoting “ Hey so and so, I have completed so much and I will not be able to come tomorrow. I’m taking a day off because of this health issue. “ When I came back home, I happily told my mom that I will not be working tomorrow and I have applied for a leave. It was when my mom told me that tomorrow is a Sunday  and only a person like you would apply for a leave !

I was like WTF ??!.. the thing to conclude here isnt that I’m a workaholic, definitely nooo.. but this is what 3 consecutive working weekends can do to a fun loving guy like me Winking smile