Saturday, August 11, 2012

The right person


   To choose the right boy or the right girl as your life partner is one of the most delicate things in our life (if not now, at least within another couple of years :P) . We have so many things in our mind, a lot of expectations, hopes, dreams and what not !! . I’ve listened to various friends, they are seriously concerned about not getting to meet the “right person” in their life even after so many years. When thinking about all the difficulties one faces to get the right person, I couldn’t help but remember the way Abraham chose his daughter in law for his son Isaac. I’m not getting into the specificities, I’m just sharing this piece of info for those who are not aware of it. That said, It’s for everyone :)

   Abraham did not want a canaanite girl among whom he was dwelling, instead he sends his man to his “own country” to find the right match ! As a foreword, Abraham was not living in his own country, he was called forth by the Lord to come out of his comfort zone and to lead a life in a far off promised land named “Canaan”. He was obedient, and so he did what was expected of him.. That is, he left his comfort zone and went forward to that unknown place which was promised by the Lord. The first striking thing was this, Abraham did not want to get him (his son Isaac) married to a canaanite gal, instead he wanted him to marry a girl from his “kindred” Things are explicitly quoted here and so I’m not elaborating much.. Abraham wanted to take a girl from his kindred, but he neither told his servant to get a girl from a well off family nor did he ask him to get a girl who was beautiful..

  Even interesting is the way that servant chooses the girl ! He goes near the well where the women of that town come to draw water. He prays to God, that he would pick the girl who not only draws water for him but for his 10 camels as well. If you read those verses a little more carefully, you will know that she “voluntarily” commits herself to draw water for his “10 camels” ! In those days, wells were deep enough, and to draw water for all those camels wasn’t an easy task. It was a test, a simple one from which one can learn about her hard work, hospitality, patience and endurance. Well, I have written them in a simple single line but the truth is, these are the basic traits that one should possess in order to build a healthy family. If she, the woman of the house lacks endurance, it would obviously result in a poorly built family. I remember enacting this skit in my school days, where the man of the house asks her to bring some coffee on a fine monday morning. After sipping it, he acrimoniously remarks “who in this world would drink such kinda coffee, even this puppy wouldn’t drink this shit !1! ” She retorts with this answer: “yea, and that’s why I gave that to you” :D Witty, but the gravity of the issue is much greater than what we think of.. the man of the house in turn shows that hatred to his school going kid and to all his office mates. This is a simple example but on a bigger picture there are loads of things to be aware of !!  Girls today have loads to do other than home making, and so providing water for 10 camels is going to be really really tough, at least they should provide water for the chief servant !! (I guess you might have got the point)

  A little more into the passage reveals one other important information, the chief servant delegated by Abraham was doubtful whether if the girl whom he chooses will come along their way. That is, what if she doesn’t accept to be Isaac’s wife or Abraham’s daughter in law ? But when Rebecca’s parents inquired her if she is willing to go with them, she replies : “I will go”.. Submissive nature, surrendering oneself to the master... She is open to things, she listens to various people, analyzes and then answers promptly. She is not portrayed as a “stiff necked” person, instead her flexibility is highlighted by her well chosen answers..

  Last but not the least, when the chief servant and Rebecca approach Isaac’s place, Rebecca covers herself with her veil as soon as the chief reveals Isaac’s identity. Respect !!! This world which we are dealing with it right now, is a lot different from that of Abraham’s, but it doesn’t mean that those things mentioned above does not apply now. Everything quoted above are so generic and are so essential for today’s families. It’s something that I feel are partially “forgotten”. Age,  salary, family background, degree held, company working for or even your beauty, let them not hold you from “respecting one another”.

  All that mentioned above should not be used to judge one another, whereas to know the truths that has been implicitly given to us through these passages. Above all that, you get according to what you have given so far. Based on the seeds that you sow, you will reap..



  1. hmmm... interesting.. though to find a girl with all the above qualities are like finding halley's comet.. that's because our society has become fast paced society where every one needs things to be done immediately.

    when i read this blog i couldn't help but to realise that it talks only about "way of women". This blog is incomplete without the "way of men". I remember this quote from somewhere "True relationship only happens between two EQUALS". since man is also part of the family he should know the "way of men" to build healthy family.

    1. Well this isnt the end :) "way of men" will come up soon !

  2. really a nice of my favourite passages from the it as much as the book of Ruth.:)