Sunday, April 8, 2012

Corporate Ethics : revisited !

”It’s high time guys, now that you have been dropped into the middle of the ocean, you have two options, either you get killed by the sharks out swim-for-ur-life-4ce125d32be26there or swim across the ocean and get to the other end. No, you cant come back to the same shore where you began, men armed with guns are there at the shore !”  This was the welcome quote given by a renown leader when I entered my corporate life. He was right, we ought to get past those sharks, and swim across which is not an easy task at all. But there are few things that I would like to share, which might help you swim a couple of miles more.
Before all that, I’m dedicating this post to a junior guy who hastily left even before I shared these things with him.
Myth 1 : Whichever company you work for, may it be a product based or a service based, remember it’s not the techie guy who outshines everybody.
If you were thinking it the other way, I guess you need to reconsider it. The guy who is technically well equipped cannot survive without a marketing skill. techie-wanted_bbWhatever may have been the task assigned to him / her, say he/she might have written a new driver or a component  Surprised smile or he/she could have fixed a minor website issue, what one needs here is the ability to project the accomplishment that he/she has done. No, I’m not asking you to send mails at the end of each minor task late at night, that’s “over projecting” which might end up with extra load of work assigned to you. At the same time, you cannot project something that you have not done or not known so far (I’m purposefully adding “not known” here). That names you as a non-trustable resource. Yea, it’s very delicate and I’m sure you can develop this skill with a help of a mentor.  If you have watched this movie named “Hitch”, you’ll know how delicately Will Smith teaches him to hold his girl by her waist. If your hand moves up, it’s holding her like a friend or if u grab her ass that becomes a lecherous move. SO That spot is right out there.
Myth 2 : To research , learn and then fix is not always going to work.
See, there are two main things you ought to keep in your mind while you are working on something. TIME and PRIORITY !! if we are about to hit a deadline and you are out there doing a research kinda to fix a simple one, yea yea you are obviously screwing it up. The same applies here, if you are boss wants you to fix a production issue don’t be Dr. Vasikaran or a GD Naidu Open-mouthed smile. researcherGet help from somebody somehow and close it immediately. The research things and “what would I learn out of this?” kinda questions can be answered when you have got nothing to do ! Feel free to get help from anyone anytime. Don’t ever feel bad about it, else you can’t learn something new. But at the same time, It’s not necessary to broadcast a message to everyone saying that “Hey, I do not know anything”, “Nan jailuku poraen jailuku poraen, nanum rowdy, naanum rowdy” kinda .. Nope ! .. There is a special myth(4) explaining about this below..
Myth 3 : Even if there is nothing much to be done for a project, the management’s tendency is to show that there is so much within..
projmngDon’t panic !! Don’t ever panic !!! As you are new to this project, get along with the other senior members of the team. Talk to them and get an overview of how things are working and what are pending. If you are asked for a daily stand up, just be present, merely present. Everybody knows that you are new, they are not going to expect you to lift the mountain in a day. But they act as if they expect you to lift one. Never mind, that won’t affect your performance rating Smile with tongue out
Myth 4 : “Paavam punniyam paartha intha thozhiluku vara mudiyaathu” #Tamizh .. You cannot be a saint, if you want to be in this field Surprised smile. 
You cannot be so humble and expect the management to do things for youSarcastic smile. Plainly speaking, that will not pay your EMIs. If you are trying to be so humble, watch out ! There are so many people just like the hawk to grab all your credits. They just wait on their prey, a single mistake and your gone. 300 I knew one of my friend who worked all night long with a presentation, with all the statistical data put together and the very next morning someone else presented it Sad smile, and they took all his credits. What is the use of all that hard work that went in ? I’m definitely not asking you to steal someone’s credits, but I’m asking to you stand firm with what you have done. And yea, don’t pretend as if it was an easy task too. Stealing someone’s credits/work is just same as adulterating.


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